Burning is CLOSED

During the open burning season (October through June), permits are required for residential and commercial burn piles.

Residential Permits:
  • Allow burning of natural vegetation (only).
  • Burns may be up to ten feet in diameter.
  • Cost is $20 and permits are valid from October through June, depending on conditions.
  • Purchase permits from the Eastsound Station or the Fire Marshal website.
  • The person attending the burn must know, understand and follow the permit conditions, check the current fire danger rating, and have the permit in hand at the time of the burn.​
Permits are not required for recreational fires:
  • Size: two feet or less.
  • Flame height: two feet or less.
  • Clear area around fire: two feet or more.
Commercial Permits:
  • Allow commercial burns up to 20 feet in diameter.
  • A 40 foot clearing is needed around the commercial burn pile.
  • On-site inspection is required prior to issuance.
  • On-site heavy equipment, such as an excavator, is required during the burn.
  • Cost is $250 and permits are valid for 30 days.

Residential Burning


How to Buy a Burn Permit

Burn permits can be purchased after October 1.
 Fire Marshal RJ Myers
Business Phone: 360-378-FIRE (3473)
What type of inspection would you like from the Fire Marshal?