1. Our Mission
    Our Mission
    To provide the highest level of protection to life and property, and promote community safety through the extension of fire prevention, fire suppression, medical rescue and public education services, consistent with the prudent utilization of public funds.
  2. Our Goals
    Our Goals
    - To be a resource for the latest fire and medical safety information, to keep our community safe. - To pursue excellence in all we do, through continuous training and education. - To proudly serve the people of Orcas Island, Washington.
  3. Our Lifestyle
    Our Lifestyle
    We provide 24-hour emergency fire prevention and suppression, along with emergency medical services (advanced life support) to the entire Orcas Island community.
   To our community: Today in Wenatchee are the memorial services for the three Firefighters that were killed in the Twisp area on August 21 when their vehicle crashed and they were unable to escape the flames. Their names are Tom Zbyszewski, 20, Andrew Zajac, 26 , and Richard Wheeler, 31. We have a contingent of four members that are representing our organization at the memorial services today. In addition to them representing our organization, they are representing our community; you have shown nothing but appreciation, support and sorrow for our family of fire service professionals.
Thank you Orcas Island for all your words and actions,
                                                                                                                                             Chief Mikos P. Preysz             
Chief's Report
Weekly Update
 Burn Ban lifted by the San Juan County Fire Marshal and recreational fires--only-- are permitted.  To qualify for a “recreational fire" the fire must be no more than two-feet in diameter and located inside of a six-foot diameter circle of clear area. Burn only untreated wood--no yard debris
Beach Fires:
If you want to enjoy the warmth of a fire while enjoying the crisp, cool air of a San Juan County beach, here are a few tips for safety:
1. Make sure that beach fires are allowed where you are.  Public access beaches are owned by various
State and local agencies, as well as private owners.  The rules are different depending upon who owns the beach.
2. Burn only clean, untreated and unpainted wood is not permitted.
3. Have a bucket available.
4. Don't make the fire any larger than it needs to be to provide warmth and ambiance.
Burn permits may start being issued October 1.  Until then Burn Piles are still banned
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